Home Brands Huawei P20 Pro: 48 Hours Later (Unboxing & Review)

P20 Pro: 48 Hours Later (Unboxing & Review)


This is a review of the Huawei P20 Pro but the full review is still to come so hang tight and ask questions! Here are some of the goods and bads so far, especially compared to the Galaxy S9 Plus. Thank you to http://www.clove.co.uk. This video is in 4K. It could take time to process.



  1. Erica – Did Huawei ever say if they allow unlocking the bootloader for this phone? If there’s no warranty by importing this phone to the US, it’d be nice to root it for audio configuration purposes (Viper4Android) and editing the hosts file for Ad Blocking. Also, have you heard any rumors about them possibly selling a device with 256GB storage? Thanks for your awesome work in making these reviews!


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