Mate 9: Restarting Review with US Version (Unboxing & Thoughts)

For TechDay I unbox the Mate 9. I had a dreadful time with my international review unit so I gave up and got the US market version instead. I didn’t feel like messing with it anymore. Now I know my thoughts will change. Questions anyone?!


Giveaway Winners: S7 & iPhone 7 + Future Giveaway!

https://gleam.io/competitions/pkAl4-iphone-7-galaxy-s7-giveaway Here are the winners of the giveaway on gleam! It was a lot of fun and so many of you entered! Now on to another giveaway! Anyone interested in a “New Super Mario 3DS”?


Christmas Carols: Recorded on LG V20 (Audio Test)

Merry Christmas! Cover of “Carol of the Bells” recorded on the LG V20. I recorded/sang a track in the HD Audio app and then saved it. Then I took that track, sang to it and saved it again. I did this many times to make many voices. It was complicated but cool!

Toys & Gadgets

Did Nintendo Fix My New 3DS XL?

Here is the result after getting back my New Galaxy Style 3DS XL back from the Nintendo Service center. It was not what I had hoped it would be. I am really curious to hear about the experiences of others. The Nintendo Switch review is right around the corner! Stay tuned! Why I bought 7 […]


Happy New Year!!! Good Riddance 2016!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you everyone for 600,000 subscribers. I need to figure out how to thank you all! Here are some updates. Hang tight for more videos.


Top 5 Tech! (CES 2017 Wrap-up)

Here are my top 5 products I found interesting at CES 2017 PLUS some concept products that also rocked! Available now or soon: Sony A1E TV (link) LG Signature oled w tv (link) Samsung Chromebook & Chromebook Plus (link) Panasonic GH5 (link) Super Retro Boy (http://retro-bit.com/) Concepts: Project Valerie (link) Toyota Concept i (link) Engadget […]