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Unboxing $1,400 Note 9: 512GB vs 128GB


Stay tuned for the review coming next week! This 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cost me almost $1,400 after tax! Is the $250 increase in price worth it over the 128GB model? I am starting to have a peek at their differences. Note 9 Solid Suit Case: http://bit.ly/2wrAAl7
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  1. Hi Erica! I really like your videos and reviews, but I have a question about your last video: “Unboxing $1,400 Note 9: 512GB vs 128GB” at minute 2:25 why the 512 GB ocean blue version looks pretty bigger than the lavender purple??? It’s any kind of diference size between 128 gb and 512 gb models??? I’m asking you before I buy this phone. I really appreciate your answer ๐Ÿ˜€


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