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Z Fold 2 Display Review: All You Need To Know


Galaxy Z Fold 2 screen is incredible! UTG Glass, folding, 120hz, performance, calibration, cameras so much to talk about!
1. Intro (0:00)
2. Screen protector removal (0:29)
3. Why Can’t We Touch The Glass? (2:39)
4. About the 120hz refresh rate (4:23)
5. Thoughts on pixel density (7:07)
6. The Hole Punch Camera Has to Go (8:00)
7. Display Performance (9:27)
8. Night Time movies [Black Crush] (10:28)
9. Color accuracy (11:58)
10. How I Use the Screens (14:32)
11. Wrap-up (18:21)

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About The Variable Refresh:

Calibration test patterns by François Simond
HCFR Calibration software/ Argyll CMS
i1Display Pro Colorimeter


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