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OnePlus 3 Review In the Works: Preview


It is as awesome as they say!

will be giving it away after the review and HONESTLY, I am going to miss it. I didn’t think any phone as of late could pry me away from my Galaxy S7 Edge, but I was wrong.

There is just something about that thin, cool metal body, that insanely quick fingerprint sensor, that notification slider, that stupidly fast charging, those neat little short cuts incorporated into the operating system, and FINALLY THAT SPEED!

I have seriously found the OnePlus 3 to be the fastest android phone I have tested.

I do have a bit of a ram mod that was supplied by OnePlus themselves (cache value set to 32 instead of 20). The thing flies. Apps open so quickly and switch so quickly that I could say that I get whiplash. I haven’t experienced slow downs or many annoyances. After OnePlus supplied me with a proper sRGB calibration mode for the display, I have been a pretty happy camper. 

Battery life gets me through the day on moderate use. If heavy use is needed, I just pop it on the charger for a half hour and never deal with it being too little. Plus that fast Dash car charger is a nice touch. GET IT!

So if you don’t need the extra flagship features such as waterproofing or inductive charging, this is a nice choice! Also, who can argue with the price!

I once was pretty upset with OnePlus but they have since turned many things around. No more invites! I approve!


      1. Thanks Erica I have the OnePlus one right now. Looking to upgrade. Or maybe I can just win one. Love your reviews long time fan.

      2. Hai Erica… If am buying a one plus three from India and take it to Oman without unboxing is there any issues like country lock or something like that… Please advice

  1. All of the positive reviews up until now were great, but I have been waiting for your thoughts on the device!

  2. I am going to order it, to replace my old (but still kicking) nexus 5. Thanks Erica, and keep up the good work!

  3. I recently upgraded from my Nexus 5 to the Oneplus 3. I honestly didn’t expect this polished of a phone from oneplus. It’s a massive upgrade from the Nexus 5.

  4. Hello Erica, I don’t know how far you are with your review, but I have to note something important:

    As you surely have heard, in the new 3.2.0 firmware there is a sRGB mode which VASTLY improves the colors of the display.

    Some people complain that the colors in sRGB mode are too yellowish, some say that they’re fine.
    Now we have found out that the yellowish tint is ONLY if the device is, after activating sRGB, not restarted!
    If its restarted after changing from normal to sRGB mode, the whites are not yellowish anymore but “warm white”.

    Just in case you want to incorporate the (really great!) sRGB mode into your review which I really look forward to.

    1. I can see the white point is a bit on the warm side. I don’t see the ability to restart the device while keeping the sRGB mode set though. On my press unit, as soon as I restart the device I have to go back under developer options and turn it on again.

    2. The thing is though, that after you change to another white point, it will ALWAYS look more skewed towards a certain hue until your eyes adjust to a new white point. Once your eyes adjust to the new white point your brain defines it as white. I don’t know what that person thinks he is doing but I think it’s probably placebo. That’s my thought.

    3. Another thing, I don’t know how nice this sRGB mode is going to look across devices. Depending on how the levels of red green and blue were out of the factory, a new profile added may or may not look right. That’s why it is not a good idea to release an sRGB mode after the fact. It should be taken account in the factory with each individual display, it’s attributes and how it can be calibrated. So many times I see different amoled displays with different white points.

  5. Hi, Erica!

    My main concern with the OnePlus 3 is the burn-in problem that most Amoled screens tend to have overtime as you showed with your Note 2, I believe.
    I don’t know if it’s the same with these new displays from Samsung that the OnePlus 3 has.

    Did you notice any burn-in on your display? Should I be worried?

  6. erica please help me to book a oneplus3 cell phone with a loop headset and all the stuffs with a jumbo size packing please suggest me some of the websites that would help me to buy it

  7. Здравствуйте!!!! Где можно купить телефон с таким большим набором?!

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  9. Hey erica, this is really nice phone & i want to but this but tell me where i get the complete box which u showed in video… Full of accessories……tell me…thnks


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