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Note 3 Tragedy and Redemption: Unboxing


Filmed with Note 2 after a not so fun experience! But I think it worked out ok. Stay tuned for my first impressions and review!
Does anyone else have a protruding, slightly loose home button?

Also, this display is not traditionally pentile, but it still has all of pentile’s characteristics. The pixels are supposed to have red, green, and blue subpixels: or 3 subpixels per pixel. Like pentile this only has 2 subpixels per pixel. It’s bothersome to some eyes because there are gaps that can be perceived. Your eyes have to fill in for the missing pixels. So also like pentile, there are more overall green subpixels per pixel.

What is different here is that the pixels are closer together than traditional pentile, they are in a different orientation, and some are diamond shaped, while others are more round. Does it still look like pentile at low ppi? You bet! Welcome to the new age pentile!


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