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Nintendo Took Over My Life!


Game Boy, DS, 3DS, to Nintendo Switch, here are the consoles and games that have taken over my life! *wink* Giveaway incoming! 3DS XL IPS found on eBay. Don’t miss the Switch giveaway that I will launch soon by hitting the notification bell!
This is the custom painted Switch I am giving away! NOT SPONSORED. https://www.controllerchaos.com/custom-nintendo-switch-galaxy-edition.html
Note: I will try to make these international. I will factor out some countries where it most likely won’t reach due to customs issues.
Some images used were found on eBay.


  1. Hi! I heard about your channel because I know your sister through Loma Linda University ๐Ÿ˜€ What an awesome collection! I totally identify with my parents not wanting me and my sibling to play games when we were younger and I remember the first system I bought for myself was the 3DS. I have a galaxy 3DS XL now and I love it, her name is Andromeda.


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