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LG V20 Unboxing & Impressions: Questions Anyone?!


Please make sure to ask a ton of questions for the full review of the V20 so that I know what you all want to know! Thank you LG for sending this out for me to look at! And a super thank you to http://braintreepayments.com/erica for making content creation possible!


  1. What is the primary difference between the G5 and the V20? Is it truly a trade up if you already own a perfectly fine G5, and why? Thanks

  2. Hi, Erica.
    Please, in your detailed youtube review answer to these my non-mainstream questions about V20 (I dont have youtube acc, so I am asking here).

    For me most important part besides removable batterry is loudspeaker quality.

    So question
    1) How well does loudspeaker in V20 perform? Reason why I did not buy V10 and still using Galaxy Note 2 is becouse I have not found any better loudspeaker in other phones. You do have V10, so please at least compare those 2 phones. Loudspeaker on v10 judging by various online reviews was awful. I am not interested in quality over headphones, I know it must be good. But loudspeaker for me is super important. Please put different music tracks over loudspeaker at least for 30 sec each clip, so I can listen to v20 loudspeaker in your youtube review.

    2) How well does GPS in V20 perform? Again, GPS performance is something almost nobody touches in reviews, which is again quite important factor for me. Can you confirm what V20 does not support Beidou gps? Only GPS and Glonass? Its a shame if Beidou is left out ๐Ÿ™
    Please test GPS performance. How fast does it pickup satelites indoors (in airplane mode with all other means of “support” turned off).

    3) Hoes does flashlight perform? Again, this question is never reviewed anywhere. When you are in complete dark room, is it bright?

    Please, please answer to my questions. Is it important for me to know answers so I can decide to buy this phone or not.

    Of course it would be super awesome to have live review LG v20 vs Galaxy note 2 , but I know nobody have such “old” phone around anymore, but I am still using it (with zerolemon 9300mAh batterry), and its awesome in that regard, uptime is about 1 week (!).


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