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iPhone 7 Plus 4K Camera Test (Audio issues anyone?)


I went out into nature to test out the iPhone 7 Plus camera in 4K. I like the overall result but am disturbed by the audio sounding like it’s dealing with some interference. Thoughts? Stay tuned for full review! Interesting tidbit: when taking macro shots (10cm macro) it may zoom/crop with 28mm f/1.8 lens instead of switching to “telephoto lens”


  1. Erica, After the ios10 update my iPhone 6s+ suddenly had a hissing sound over the earphone jack when listening to music and surfing the web. I unplugged the headphones, then plugged them back in. Have not had the issue since. Since i never had that problem till after the ios10 update, and many others are having it on their new iPhone7’s, make me think it’s software related, like a bug in the ios10 update. Sincerely, John…

  2. Hey I was wondering if now that the note 7 is back out if your going to do the other episodes looking forward to them you always do such a great job on all your reviews.


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