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Huawei GX8 Review: The Same as Honor 5X?


Here is a side by side comparative review. Is there enough about the GX8 that would make you go for it over the Honor 5X?
Thank you Huawei for sending these out for me to look at!
2.The branding conundrum (0:42)
3.What you get for the extra $150 (1:33)
4.What’s the same/different? (1:46)
5.A look a build design (3:28)
6.Interfaces and features (6:11)
7.Battery life (11:03)
8.Performance (12:27)
9.Display qualities (14:45)
10.Connectivity & sensors (15:51)
11.Speakers (16:21)
12.Camera Interface (16:33)
13.Camera quality (20:38)
14.Conclusion (23:51)


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