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Google Pixel & Pixel XL Review: One Month Later


Time coded! Here is the full review of the Pixel phones! I spent a long time getting to know them VERY WELL. Thank you to http://www.braintreepayments.com/erica for making content creation possible!
1. Intro (0:00)
2. Thoughts on design (0:34)
3. Tour around the device (5:48)
4. User Experience (9:57)
5. Specs & Performance (23:37)
6. Display Qualities (27:45)
7. Battery Life (34:10)
8. A Bit on Connectivity (36:27)
9. Cameras and Performance (36:47)
10. Concluding Thoughts (42:38)


  1. Erika, I am having problems with cellphones resolution because most of them leave me kind of blind after seen the phone for a couple of minuts. Could you please advice me about the best resolution and technology for me?, I have tried : moto G, iPhone 5,6, and Samsung J7.


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