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Galaxy S4 vs HTC ONE Thoughts *Reviews coming soon*


I finally say which device I prefer lol. The HTC ONE really catches my attention. But will it keep my attention vs the S4??? We shall see!!!


Black clipping seen on S4?
Well…Samsung has a tendency for some interesting “optimizations” or just post processing of images and video. On the Exynos version of the S3 all video and gallery profiles were manipulated by Samsung’s mDNIe processing. They made images too dark too quickly. So if you saw a gradient, think of a shadow, then there would be no smooth gradient (light to dark) just lighter end of gradient then suddenly dark! All the steps in between were gone and if anything appeared in these in-between steps they would be simply blacked out. It sucks when watching dark scenes in movies. Nearly nothing is visible, except the light-most points of the image!

I saw some evidence of this with my hands on with the S4. I am hoping it only affects the gallery profile and leaves video alone!


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