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Galaxy Note 9 Review: One Month Later (Part 2 – Performance)


Thank you to LastPass for sponsoring this video & making content creation possible http://bit.ly/2PQcaLb Performance. Camera. RAM. ALL Timecodes! Part 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFVC3LlMUUY

Part 1:
1. Intro:
2. The display specs & thoughts:
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFVC3LlMUUY&t=1m9s)
3. Display measurements:
4. Display Shadow Clipping:
5. Display Edge Light glow:
6. The Pen Oldies but Goodies & what is actually useful: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFVC3LlMUUY&t=6m51s)
7. All about the new pen features:
8. What’s in part 2:

Part 2:
9. Intro: (0:08)
10: S Pen Corrections (0:23 )
11. Camera improvements (1:08)
12. Thank you LastPass for sponsoring this video! (4:30)
13. Game performance (5:57)
Battery: (9:37)
128GB vs 512GB: (12:12)
6GB vs 8GB: (14:37)
15. Conclusion: (17:14)


  1. This vid makes points that are right in line with my experience as a former Note 8 user. I was complimented how many of your points were duplicates of the ones I made in a review I did a couple weeks ago for a big box store! I never used to like watching Netflix or other content sources on my phone but this screen and THESE SPEAKERS are changing that! Thanks for the tips on the camera and the S pen…these tweaks are NOT obvious at all…and I consider myself a pretty savvy user. Great video…very entertaining…I even watch the commercial…and I HATE commercials!! lol Well done Erica!

  2. Hi.
    Can i ask you a slightly…long winded question about the note 9? It is hard to explain but im sure it will onlt take two moments to check.

    I have 2 phones. I got a sony XZ premium about a year ago to replace my old phone. The sony is good, but still diffrent than my old phone.
    my old phone….A Samsung note “3”. I got this new a few months after it came out. It is that good that i cant get rid of it and am still using it.
    One of the main features i use on my note 3 (this is not on the sony ) that i love is the “screen off feature” – Thisis when you are listening to audio (music, audio book, radio, etc) and then you stop , pull the phone out of your pocket, then start watchin some video content ( youtube, video player,other video app,etc). Then your bus turns up, or its time to start work… so…. I press the power button on my note and the sound from the video stops and the screen gose black. Then I press the play/pause button on my earphones (Bluetooth or wired) ….and then the “clever” Samsung sees the screen is off and just starts playing the last Audio thing i was listening to. (music, Audio book, etc).
    I use this all the time, but my sony cant do this!
    I tried this “screen off” on my dads SAmsung A7 2017 model…it didnt work. (sad face!)

    Can the Note 9 do this “Screen Off feature”?
    Is this a “Note” only feature?
    Have Samsung/Android killed this feature?
    Is there a app that can do this?

    I have tried to look for the answer for this for a bit with no luck. Its hard to phrase the question. Google keeps trying to show me how you can keep playing the sound from youtube videos by playing them through another web browser. Not what i was looking for.

    Thank you for reading this longer …. badley phrased question (sorry!)
    and i hope you can help answer the question(s) and let me know, if you get a chance.

    Thank you …again!


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