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Galaxy Note 7 Unboxing: Questions Anyone?!


Hey everyone, I have gotten my hands on the Galaxy Note 7 and would love to do a full in-depth review for you all! Ask me questions!!!
Here is my hands on with all the features to tide you over:


  1. Hello Erica. Has the sound improved and what sound settings do you have on. The S7 edge speaker is a bit rough though tweaking in settings last week I found it to be a tad better. It’s about time sound was as important as the excellent picture. ๐Ÿ‘

  2. Hi erica, thanks for your first review of the note 7, and since I am an audiophile I found the sound on galaxy 7 very poor and bad quality regarding the the price so what’s about the sound of the note 7 !!!!

  3. Hi Erica
    I’ve tried very hard to find information on the wireless charging stand online and in stores but have come up with nothing. Does the included charging stand have a usb type-c input for the charging cable? The previous model is model EP-NG930 and it states Input as 5v=2.0A 9v=1.67A
    The charging pad is 104mm or 4&1/8 inch wide
    The bottom resting lip is 54mm or 2&1/8 inch wide
    Thank you and thanks for the great videos

  4. Hi Erica !
    What do you think about the gorilla glass 5 in the note 7, ?
    Gerry rig everything did the test, and this glass 5 is not as good as the Corning company of new York said !!!!
    Please advise !!!

  5. Hi Erica is corning gorilla 5 as bad as the videos on youtube suggest? if its the case id rather remain on GS7 edge

  6. Yes, it does bother me that Samsung do not sell the 128GB cellphone internal storage to us. We can use as much data than where they have them. Samsung should give us the choose to pick.


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