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First day without my smart phone


You quickly start to realize what you don’t have the moment you step out the door!

I saw some cute duckies, all walking in a row, while I was out scootering with my husband. Immediately I reached for my phone. I realized that I have a potato of a camera now in my pocket! So, I asked Jon if I could steal his iPhone 5c for a minute to capture some images and video. That was probably cheating but the duckies were just too adorable!

I also realized that I no longer have access to Google Maps. Oh dear. I will have to plan trips ahead of time. It reminds me of the days that my parents used Mapquest. We would print out our route before going. Even earlier than that we just used a REAL map! OH MY! WHAT IS THAT!?


  1. Going back to a flip phone is like kicking the legs out from under a runner..he may live,
    But not as well or fast as he once did

  2. Traveling without Google Maps is a no. I be damn if I ever have to use Mapquest or god forbid actually pull out a real map. Do they even sell those anymore? lol

    However, I do think this challenge is awesome but I could never do it myself.

  3. I’m doing the challenge with you!! Got a little phone yesterday, it’s strange but I think I can get used to it for a while. I love that I don’t have to worry about the battery much, but texting is a pain lol. I’ll see how the week goes ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Just the other day i was watching unbox therapy and I thought to myself I wanna try the challenge. The challenge for me thought starts with another challenge. I am on T-Mobile and I am unable to find a decent flip phone or even a decent slider phone. Please help me so I can join your challenge. What do you recomend

  5. I am doing the challenge with you as well, and my “dumb” phone has fewer functions with what you or unbox therapy got, it is the Nokia 3120. Then, I could use all my smartphone apps in an emulator on my laptop, and that could solve many problems of having a basic phone. The only disadvantage is laptops could be heavy to carry, it lags (especially I use Core M) and battery life sucks.


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