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Another day goes by on a flip phone

Erica Griffin
OK, so this flip phone thing at times is pleasant and at other times is downright annoying. I am realizing that while smartphones largely enable us, they also cripple us! The number one thing I am finding to be a problem with a flip phone is navigation. The young people of this smartphone generation simply don’t […]

First day without my smart phone

Erica Griffin
ou quickly start to realize what you don’t have the moment you step out the door! I saw some cute duckies, all walking in a row, while I was out scootering with my husband. Immediately I reached for my phone. I realized that I have a potato of a camera now in my pocket! So, […]

New Channel Now Has Unique URL!

Erica Griffin
Why not start with ’90s week? Hey all! Thank you for joining me in this new chapter! Here is the official link to the new channel, Really Random Reviews: http://www.youtube.com/ReallyRandomReviews I really hope to make this new channel a place where I can have a creative outlet. I think I will probably organize the channel by […]