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BlackBerry Passport Challenge: COMPLETE!


See time codes below! Thank you to Audible.com for making content creation possible! Follow http://www.audible.com/erica for free copy of “Year of No Sugar: A Memoir”.
I had over a week to use the BlackBerry Passport as my daily driver and only phone. Here is what I think of it during the time I spent…
1. Intro (0:00)
2. A look around the device and keyboard (1:42)
3. Circling the rest of the device (6:28)
4. Interface and features I admire (9:02)
5. Thank you to audible.com for making content creation possible!(13:06)
6. Specs and display (14:51)
7. The app experience (17:10)
8. A bit about the battery life (24:02)
9. The camera interface and quality (24:58)
10. Conclusion/outro (30:49)
Cool Stuff I have or Like:


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