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Behind the Scenes – August 2016


Hey everyone. Here is a little behind the scenes of what is going on this month.

image001Monday I get on a plane for New York to attend the Samsung Unpacked Galaxy Note 7 Press event. I plan to vlog about that so that you all can see what goes on in the life of a reviewer and what it’s like to travel for press. I think it should be fun, so hang tight for that!

When I return I will of course upload my video about the new Galaxy Note 7! Then I will have a Soft Gold unit of the OnePlus 3 to open up and show you all.

I also will have my video published for the Flip Phone challenge, where Michael Fisher (youtube.com/themrmobile) and myself have collaborated to torture ourselves for a week.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 5.21.53 PMIn that same breath I will also upload my Moto Z and Z Force review.

Finally, on the 15th Jon and I will be on our way to San Francisco for Intel to look at all the cool stuff that they are coming out with. We will have a front row seat to play with some stuff. A very busy month! This only entails half of it lol


See the video that Michael Fisher made on his channel already. I appear for a 90 second cameo =):



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