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Ask Erica: Is Moto E Worth It? (Water test)


This video is time coded! Had a chance to get my hands on the Moto E and use it as my main device. Here’s what I have to say!
1.Intro (0:08)
2.Camera Samples (1:45)
3. Display (8:23)
4. (10:47) Thank you Audible for making videos like these possible! Download “Orange is the New Black” for FREE when you follow http://www.audible.com/erica. This is the true story that inspired the Netflix series! It’s excellent!
5. Water torture test (12:02)
6. Take apart (18:42)

Moto G 30 minutes under water!

Moto E original videos for download
How to use Folder Mount to get big android games on the Moto E


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