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Galaxy Note 7: In-Depth Look!

Erica Griffin
I had a chance to take a look at the Galaxy Note 7 and I LOVED it! Check out my vid for an in-depth look at all the new features! My website: http://www.EricaGriffin.com My Second Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ReallyRandom/Reviews

Moto G4 & Moto G4 Plus Review: Price vs Features

Erica Griffin
My thoughts on the Moto G line. Boy, the competition is STIFF! Get your Moov Now! http://bit.ly/28LrrJ5 ; Code for 10% off – EricaGriffin10 This video contains a paid product placement from Moov Now – all thoughts and opinions are my own. Time stamps: Intro: 0:05 Pricing: 0:57 Design & overview: 2:28 MOOV Sponsorship: 4:51 […]

OnePlus 3 Review (In-Depth): WOW!!!

Erica Griffin
***Time Coded Review!*** Thank you to Amazon Prime Music for making content creation possible! Visit http://Amazonsongsofsummer.com/erica This video contains a paid product placement. All content is my own with my own thoughts and opinions! 1. Intro (0:00) 2. Build (1:03) 3. Design (3:59) 4. Specs & Ram Performance (5:38) 5. Thank you Amazon Prime Music! […]

HTC 10 Review: HTC, You Did It!

Erica Griffin
HTC created an awesome phone! I was skeptical at first but it has proven itself to be one of the best phones released this year! HTC is BACK! I created this review quickly, so any other questions you have I will have to answer in other videos.

Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review: “All You Need to Know”

Erica Griffin
Here is the full in-depth review of Galaxy S7 devices! This review is time-coded. My camera has the SONY sensor. 1.Intro (0:05) 2.Quick Review – What I love and hate (0:52) 3.Build, Design, & comparison with S6/Edge (3:51) 4.Waterproofing discussion and Dunk Tests (7:30) 5.Battery life (10:52) 6.Performance and comparison to S6 (13:42) 7.Features (20:26) […]