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LG V30: IMPRESSIVE || In-Depth Hands On!


LG made an incredible phone that will in every way match up to the likes of Samsung or beyond! Check it out! I go pretty into depth with the features. Stay tuned for the full review. This is a first-look unit and is NOT a retail model.


  1. Erica I love your no bs reviews.
    I would like to know if this is true and what the sound is like from the speakers?(
    (the bottom a speaker grille, mic hole and USB-C charging slot. The only other external speaker is situated at the top of the device’s front, embedded in the device’s uber-thin, rounded bezel.
    Greg Joplin

  2. Hey E,

    Could you do a extreme head to head
    Whats better and whats sucks
    From note 8 vs V30?

    On paper we know allot but what about the guy in the street who needs to know
    Which ones battery will die first etc.

    Please help us choose.



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