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LG G5 Unboxing & FIRST Impressions: (Reaction NOT Review)


***THIS IS NOT A REVIEW but a reaction video I got a very poor unit and others have as well.***

Here is my G5 unboxing and it did not go so smoothly. I will be exchanging it for another one hoping that these issues aren’t hugely wide-spread. I have tons of light bleed and my case looks a bit buckled. THIS is really not acceptable! ***um…guys, after looking more at this phone closely, I am wondering what part of it is actually metal. Jerryrigeverything channel was able to scratch through it like plastic. Is the top part just a veneer? I can see that the top part of it seems to be a plastic veneer. That is why I have seems and a weird buckling. Stupid thing is plastic on the outside with a metallic finish =(***


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