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Giveaway Bonanza || OnePlus 3 (International)


This international OnePlus 3 giveaway will run through the 28th and the winner will be announced on the 29th of July! All you need to do is leave a comment entry in the comment section and be subscribed! That’s it! Also be 18 or older / have parent or guardian vouch for you!
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKrfwJv1M-A


  1. Thank you for your offer and all your great job! I would love to give this phone as a gift to my wife! Hello from Greece!

  2. The moment a new smartphone is announced I start looking for you review just as I did for OnePlus3 and I was quite astonished by this phone when I saw your review and I would love to have it!

  3. I came here mostly because you are such a good reviewer and not to win this amazing chinese phone offcourse. This comment has nothing to do with winning πŸ˜€
    Thank you very much for your review of the LG G4. Very informative.Good luck to you all.

  4. Wow. This phone looks incredible. Even with the screen flaws you mentioned in the review I would like to have this one cause my LG G4 died and I can’t afford a new one right now. As soon as One Plus 3 came out I knew that would be a good replacement for my almost perfect G4.
    I love your reviews. Thatnk you for them!!

  5. Wow!! Been following Oneplus since they release the first phone. Yearning to get one since then but I have not been lucky because they don’t ship to my country Ghana. Erica you have done the best in-depth review of this phone and am loving it the more. Everything about the Oneplus 3 is awesome. Guess I will need all the luck in this world to win this competition

  6. All in my family are using OnePlus devices and I would love to put my hands on OnePlus 3.ο»Ώ

  7. Hello Erica, big fan of your reviews, they are always in depth. Your reviews of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and OnePlus One help me decide to go for this phones. Recently I have acquired Huawei Mate 8 and am liking it a lot. Would like to have your views on the same.

  8. I want to own OnePlus 3 because of its top class, latest specs like 6gb of RAM, finger print scanner and also with remarkable styling at such a reasonable pricing.

  9. Thanks for the event Erica, great review. Hope i can win this OnePlus 3 and replace my x play :).

  10. Love your in-depth review of Oneplus 3. Such a great phone at a budget price. It will be really awesome to have this phone! πŸ˜€ Thanks Ms.Erica! Looking forward to more of your great reviews in the future. πŸ™‚

  11. Keeping things straight, because you know it’s strengths and flaws better than me!
    Going to be chosen because I’m:
    β™₯ Long time follower.
    β™₯ Lover of OnePlus’s all 4 babies & it’s logo.
    β™₯ Poor Jack of all trades.

    And I’m sure, money isn’t the only way to get my beloved OnePlus 3.ο»Ώ

  12. Hello Erica, in your OP3 review you said that a camera review will follow…
    Eagerly awaiting it – is it in the works??

  13. Hello Erica, i really like to look at rewiews about phones . This one seems awsome. I would like to give it too my soon that will move away to studie in a nother town. Thank you for a great youtube channel.

  14. Done! ^_^ Comment + subscribe
    “the reason why I want this phone = The price is relatively very cheap, considering this smartphone has a capacity of 6GB Ram and supported chipsets as well as today’s fastest processor.
    Hi alejandro. I wait for your arrival at my house ^_^ο»Ώ

  15. The one plus 3 is one killer flag ship!,I saw your review and I think its so amazing! Really having specs that could sit right beside the s7 edge and other killer flagship phones Ay that giveaway price is so cool and all coupled with the premium design and feel the one plus 3 is a phone I long to own.

  16. the device itself simply rocks me , completely stunning in terms of design , very very premium . I Wanted to have one ’cause it just suits me .

  17. I would love this phone my mom and dad went buy me a new one and only n our country we couldn’t
    afford one too so plz plz. can u give it to me plz πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  18. The one plus 3 is a smartphone which has all options that a person needs nowadays. It’s beautiful, convenient, user-friendly and affordable. Which is one reason why I would like to have the One plus 3

  19. This will be my first Smart Phone, I have a Nokia Pure-View since a long time, it still works fine but sign’s of ageing πŸ™


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