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Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review: “All You Need to Know”


Here is the full in-depth review of Galaxy S7 devices! This review is time-coded. My camera has the SONY sensor.
1.Intro (0:05)
2.Quick Review – What I love and hate (0:52)
3.Build, Design, & comparison with S6/Edge (3:51)
4.Waterproofing discussion and Dunk Tests (7:30)
5.Battery life (10:52)
6.Performance and comparison to S6 (13:42)
7.Features (20:26)
8.Display Qualities and issues (29:04)
9.Connectivity (35:21)
10.Camera Interface (35:59)
11.Camera analysis (39:29)
12.The End (46:28)


  1. I have the S7 edge and I have cracked the front screen 5 times now and the back twice all while in a otter box. I plane on getting the S8 when it comes out I am just curious if there is a specific brand case that you would suggest that will help elemate this problem. Also all of them have been under 24 inches of a fall and once was in grass. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Erica. Could you be please share the wallpaper you used on S7 edge review?. Have just laid my hands on one year later. Thank you.


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