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Galaxy Note 7 “Reboxing” & Your Exchange Experience?


I will resume my Note 7 review as soon as possible. Until then, I am on a hunt to figure out how to get a Note 7 since I don’t have one to exchange. And NO, I will NOT go get a Verizon version. Crippled garbage. They took away menus and features.


  1. You said. Verizon took away some features?
    Can you share more info, I’m withVerizon
    And I’m looking to buy a Note 7 upon return.
    Thanks for all your help.
    Don S

  2. I could not hear you that well I thought was my phone but no when you have replacement for Note 7 so looking forward to seeing more on Note and what you think cause you are one of my favorite Review’s Thanks so much for sharing

  3. I have my replacement Note 7 and I have to say I really missed my first Note 7 for the 2 days I didn’t have it waiting for the new one. It is the best phone I have ever had. My partner is really pleased with my previous phone { a Note 5 Duos}
    I cant wait for Erica’s review part 2. as I am sure I will learn something new.

    1. Glad you finally got it and yes Erica review’s are awesome and same I always find out things that I have not figured out and I have owned all of the Note line and now the 7 but never saw this coming.That pretty lousy with Verizon that is why I left them a while ago used to be great company until I switched I’m with Tmobile now.Not that all don’t have something which is what I learned through the years Good Luck to you with new Note


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