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PS Vita Unboxing: Why I Bought One in 2018?

Erica Griffin
AQUA BLUE PS Vita 2000 also known as ps vita slim! I never gave the PS Vita a chance. But after getting a PS4 my interest was piqued for remote play as well as all the titles I could play that I was not even aware of! Here is why I bought a Vita, the […]

New 2DS XL Poké Ball Edition: Unboxing & Impressions

Erica Griffin
Check out the new Unboxed YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/unboxed. **Other unboxings will show up on their channel Monday!* It’s the holiday season and one of my favorite things is THIS Nintendo Poké Ball NEW 2DS XL! It is a perfect unit for any Pokémon fan! Light, not covered in Pikachu but entirely representative of all that […]