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BlackBerry KEYone Review: Go for it, BEST YET!


Available unlocked in the US starting on May 31st for $549! I’d go for the unlocked models! If you want your security updates don’t let carriers get in the way. This device is GREAT for getting things done! But it is NOT a media device. Nonetheless, I have enjoyed my time with it!


  1. Hi Erica! I absolutely love your reviews you always give me the information I need to help me make a decision. About the KeyOne It seems insanely difficult find one here in US do you know some place other than Best Buy or Amazon to purchase (I was told BB only released 62 devices for each carriers)? And also May 31st the day it was released no one got one because the the device was available for sale the day before with only 62 out by the time everyone went to get one who was interested they were gone. “Wayy to exclusive/limited” for me. Are you planning a giveaway on it? **Thank you***


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