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Erica Griffin is the founder and editor-in-chief of “The Technology Nerd” YouTube channel.


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Here I have a Genjintchi Cave Man tamagotchi. Just for the record I have another that I am selling right now. He is $40 and is new, never used. He was taken out of the package to remove the batteries to preserver him. This tamagotchi is very cute. He evolves according the the theory of […]

Angelgotchi – Tamagotchi Angel

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Here I have the Japanese version of the angelgotchi. In this video I show the version that was the second release in September 1998. The icons are much cuter that the original angelgotchi icons. The toilet icon is a butt with wings =) and discipline is now a bow and arrow. The other icons are […]

Mothra Tamagotchi

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This is a mothra Tamagotchi that was released in 1997 for the Mothra movie. I currently have this blue one and the green version. The Mothra has a very cute evolving process behind it. You must first succeed in getting the right grub that will evolve into one of the Mothra characters or you will […]


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This pink little gem came out in 1998 in the honor of a famous Japanese actress. They chose to make a tamagotchi after her simply because her name so much resembled the sound of tamagotchi. The goal is to raise an actor or actress by practicing acting skills with your help and by rehearsing by […]

Santaclautchi – Tamagotchi Santaclause

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Hello again everyone. I have uploaded Santaclautchi. He is a very rare special edition Tamagotchi that was made by Bandai in February 1998. This is one of the cutest ones in my collection. I have both a red one and this white one. This is the one out of the box I have to show […]


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This is a video of Devilgotchi. He was brought onto the scene in 1998. In this video he throws a pie at me and I have to punish him for his tricks. As I note in the video, my phone camcorder does not receive high frequency sound accurately.