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Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review: “All You Need to Know”


Here is the full in-depth review of Galaxy S7 devices! This review is time-coded. My camera has the SONY sensor.
1.Intro (0:05)
2.Quick Review – What I love and hate (0:52)
3.Build, Design, & comparison with S6/Edge (3:51)
4.Waterproofing discussion and Dunk Tests (7:30)
5.Battery life (10:52)
6.Performance and comparison to S6 (13:42)
7.Features (20:26)
8.Display Qualities and issues (29:04)
9.Connectivity (35:21)
10.Camera Interface (35:59)
11.Camera analysis (39:29)
12.The End (46:28)

Erica Griffin Erica Griffin is the founder and editor-in-chief of “The Technology Nerd” YouTube channel.


  1. I have the S7 edge and I have cracked the front screen 5 times now and the back twice all while in a otter box. I plane on getting the S8 when it comes out I am just curious if there is a specific brand case that you would suggest that will help elemate this problem. Also all of them have been under 24 inches of a fall and once was in grass. Thanks in advance


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