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iPhone 7 Plus 4K Camera Test (Audio issues anyone?)

Erica Griffin
I went out into nature to test out the iPhone 7 Plus camera in 4K. I like the overall result but am disturbed by the audio sounding like it’s dealing with some interference. Thoughts? Stay tuned for full review! Interesting tidbit: when taking macro shots (10cm macro) it may zoom/crop with 28mm f/1.8 lens instead […]

Galaxy Note 7 In-Depth Review: Episode 1

Erica Griffin
*Design, Durability, scratching, battery issues, S Pen Features* This phone is so complex that I am splitting it up into 3 episodes. 1. Intro (0:00) 2. Design and Feel / practicalities (0:43) 3. What about scratches? (5:01) 4. Water Use & S Pen (8:56) 5. Design flaw? (9:35) 6. Low Down on Recall (10:22) 7. […]