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OnePlus 5: Unboxing & In-Depth REVIEW

Erica Griffin
Thank you to LassPass for partnering with me to make this video possible! http://bit.ly/2uaJqRr Check out my full time coded review of the OnePlus 5! It has crazy specs & performance for the price! 1. Intro (0:00) 2. Unboxing (0:18) 3. Thank you to LastPass for supporting my channel! (5:25) 4. A look at OnePlus […]

Behind the Scenes | OnePlus 5 Media Kit

J. Sulzbach
Note: This post was an early-access reward for patrons. Support Erica at patreon.com/ericagriffin! Look what came in the mail today! Naturally, Bruiser had to inspect it before offering his approval. Erica will be shooting the unboxing video this evening.