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Erica Griffin is the founder and editor-in-chief of “The Technology Nerd” YouTube channel.

Why I got the Note FE? || Revisiting Note 7

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So I bought the Note 7, I mean Note FE (Fan Edition). It was a pretty penny but I want to have it to compare to the Note 8 when it comes out! Here are my thoughts about this phone and some things I noticed so far! I bought mine from NGP Store: https://www.amazon.com/s?marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A35WDPB4Y8D904&merchant=A35WDPB4Y8D904&redirect=true

XZ Premium: Did Sony Make a Mistake? (& True 4K Mod)

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Sony produced a 4K phone but keeps it at 1080p MOST of the time! Is this a rip off? Is it a mistake? Or does it make sense? These are my thoughts and what I think Sony SHOULD have done. Thank you to http://www.clove.co.uk for lending the phone! Install adb here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2317790 Read more about […]

Back to Work: My New Gear & Upcoming Reviews

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I have been sick this past week but am doing a bit better and have lots to work on. Also, I have been working on getting some new gear for production. Sony: a6500 (link) | My Surface Pro Configuration (link) | My Dracast lights (link)

Xperia XZ Premium: Would I Buy It? (Likes & Dislikes)

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Thank you Casper for sponsoring this video! ERICA for $50 off a premium mattress: http://www.casper.com/Erica Thank you to http://www.clove.co.uk for loaning me the phone! Time codes: 1. Intro (0:00) 2. Why I like the design (0:43) 3. Why I like the performance (3:02) 4. My Favorite software feature (5:35) 5. What I like about the […]

OnePlus 5: Unboxing & In-Depth REVIEW

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Thank you to LassPass for partnering with me to make this video possible! http://bit.ly/2uaJqRr Check out my full time coded review of the OnePlus 5! It has crazy specs & performance for the price! 1. Intro (0:00) 2. Unboxing (0:18) 3. Thank you to LastPass for supporting my channel! (5:25) 4. A look at OnePlus […]

S8 & S8+ Review Part 2 || Performance After 2 Months [All You Need to Know]

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Time Coded Review! 1. Intro (0:08) 2. Performance – CPU & Graphics [vs G6, U11, XZ Premium] (0:28) 3. Performance – Everyday use [RAM, UI, Storage] (6:41) 4. Battery Life (9:38) 5. Speakers & Audio (10:31) 6. Connectivity (11:48) 7. Camera Interface (15:09) 8. Camera Sample Montage (18:11) 9. Conclusion/outro (24:08) S8 Review Part 1: […]

Galaxy S8 Camera Montage: How Good is the Camera? || 4K

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CAMERA TEST: As I finish editing my Galaxy S8 Review Part 2 that focuses on the performance of these devices after a few months, I took an excerpt from the camera section so that you can reference it easily for yourself. If you want to know how good the cameras are, well, let’s just say […]

HTC U11 Unboxing & Impressions

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Just got the HTC U11 in and boy is it shiny! Please ask your questions for the full review! Http://www.ericagriffin.com

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Unboxing & Thoughts

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Thank you clove.co.uk for sending me out the XZ Premium to take a look at. Getting the unlocked version through them is a way to ensure you get A WORKING fingerprint sensor!

Nintendo Switch || Switch Your Colors! (Pokémon, Zelda, Famicom) COLORWARE

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Thank you http://www.Colorware.com for working with me to make this stunning Switchable theme! And thank you to all who voted on my website to also make this possible! Colors are Diamond White, Candy Apple Red, Gold Rush (all metallic finish)